2015/16 - André Sauzier Legal Writing Competition Winners


SeyLII, in collaboration with UniSey Law, is proud to provide this platform for publication of the winning entries in the inaugural André Sauzier Legal Writing Competition (2015-16).


First Place: Edith Wong, 'Droit de Superficie: Coelho versus Tailapathy'

Second Place: Rajiv Shah, 'The Presumption of Innocence and the Misuse of Drugs Act'

Third Place: Angelique Pouponneau, 'Mediation of Employment Cases in Seychelles'



DISCLAIMER: The entries published in this section of SeyLII have been subject to limited review and revision by the competition evaluation board for publication purposes but remain the original work of their authors, who are solely responsible for the contents.  All views expressed therein are personal to the authors and must not be attributed to either SeyLII or UniSey Law.  The entries were not written for the purpose of providing legal advice and should not under any circumstances be relied on for that purpose.