National Provident Fund Act

This Act was repealed on 2005-08-19 by Seychelles Pension Fund Act, 2005.
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National Provident Fund Act

Act 4 of 1971

  • Commenced on 29 March 1971
  • [This is the version of this document at 30 June 2012 and includes any amendments published up to 30 June 2014.]
  1. [Repealed by Seychelles Pension Fund Act, 2005 on 19 August 2005]
[Act 4 of 1971; Act 8 of 2005]
1.The funds remaining in the National Provident Fund immediately before the coming into operation of this Act shall stand transferred to the Seychelles Pension Fund.
2.Any person who satisfies the Chief Executive Officer that the person has not been refunded his contributions by the National Provident Fund shall be entitled to be paid such contributions by the Chief Executive Officer provided that a claim for such payment is submitted to the Chief Executive Officer no later than 31st March 2006.
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History of this document

19 August 2005
29 March 1971