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Loudspeakers (Restriction of use) Regulations (Statutory Instrument 17 of 1965)

This is the latest version of this legislation commenced on 01 Jun 2020.


The Penal Code

Loudspeakers (Restriction of use) Regulations

Statutory Instrument 17 of 1965

  • Commenced on 25 March 1965

  • [This is the version of this document at 1 June 2020.]

[S.I. 17/1965]


These regulations may be cited as the Loudspeakers (Restriction of use) Regulations.


In these regulations unless the context otherwise requires— "loudspeaker" includes a megaphone and any other device for amplifying sound;"public meeting" means any meeting in a public place;"public place" means any open space to which, for the time being, the public have or are permitted to have access;"town of Victoria" means the town of Victoria as defined in the Schedule to the Town of Victoria (Boundaries and Divisions) Act.


The use of a loudspeaker from a moving vehicle is absolutely prohibited within the town of Victoria.


(1)The use of a loudspeaker within the town of Victoria at a public meeting or in a public place is prohibited unless there is in force a written permit issued by the Commissioner of Police authorizing such use.
(2)The prohibition in this regulation imposed shall not apply to the use of loudspeakers— 
(a)at any religious meeting; or
(b)at any ceremonial parade or public function of an official character; or
(c)at any sports meeting; or
(d)by or under the authority of any Government official or department or of a district council.