Loudspeakers (Restriction of use) Regulations

Statutory Instrument 17 of 1965

Penal Code

Loudspeakers (Restriction of use) Regulations

Statutory Instrument 17 of 1965

  • Commenced on 25 March 1965
  • [This is the version of this document at 1 June 2020.]
[S.I. 17/1965]


These regulations may be cited as the Loudspeakers (Restriction of use) Regulations.


In these regulations unless the context otherwise requires— "loudspeaker" includes a megaphone and any other device for amplifying sound;"public meeting" means any meeting in a public place;"public place" means any open space to which, for the time being, the public have or are permitted to have access;"town of Victoria" means the town of Victoria as defined in the Schedule to the Town of Victoria (Boundaries and Divisions) Act.


The use of a loudspeaker from a moving vehicle is absolutely prohibited within the town of Victoria.


(1)The use of a loudspeaker within the town of Victoria at a public meeting or in a public place is prohibited unless there is in force a written permit issued by the Commissioner of Police authorizing such use.
(2)The prohibition in this regulation imposed shall not apply to the use of loudspeakers— 
(a)at any religious meeting; or
(b)at any ceremonial parade or public function of an official character; or
(c)at any sports meeting; or
(d)by or under the authority of any Government official or department or of a district council.
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