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Constitution (Use of Official Languages) Regulations (Statutory Instrument 83 of 1976)

This is the latest version of this legislation commenced on 01 Jun 2020.


Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles

Constitution (Use of Official Languages) Regulations

Statutory Instrument 83 of 1976

  • Commenced on 6 September 1976

  • [This is the version of this document at 1 June 2020.]

[SI. 83 of 1976]


These Regulations may be cited as the Constitution (Use of Official Languages) Regulations.


English shall be the sole official language for the transaction of Government business (including the business of the Courts) save as provided in regulation 3.


French may be used for all matters specified in the Schedule hereto.


1.Correspondence with overseas Governments and international bodies, institutions or organisations.
2.For the purpose of stating or referring to any matter expressed in French.
3.In Bills, Acts, Statutory Instruments or other instruments for the purpose of identifying or referring to matters of French law.
4.The citation in any judicial proceedings of any text or authority expressed in French.
5.The notification in any public place of any matter for the purpose of bringing it to the attention of the public.
6.Official announcements on the Government radio or in the Government press.
7.In any circumstances where French has been hitherto used in Seychelles.