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Mortgage and Registration (Fees) (Miscellaneous) Regulations (Statutory Instrument 42 of 1977)

This is the latest version of this legislation commenced on 01 Dec 2014.


Mortgage and Registration Act

Mortgage and Registration (Fees) (Miscellaneous)

Statutory Instrument 42 of 1977

  • Commenced on 20 June 1977

  • [This is the version of this document at 1 December 2014.]

[S.I. 42 of 1977]


These Regulations may be cited as the Mortgage and Registration (Fees) (Miscellaneous) Regulations.


The Fees as set out in the Schedule hereto shall be charged for inscription, transcription and for searches, copies, extracts or certificates in the registers maintained under the Mortgage and Registration Act.


Part 1

The following fees shall be charged for the transcription and inscription of the following deeds:

(a)For the inscribing of claims - two rupees twenty cents per thousand rupees or part thereof;
(b)For transcribing deeds containing the transfer of immovable whatever date they may bear - one rupee per thousand rupees or part thereof;
(c)For all copies of deeds, or other inscribed or transcribed documents whatsoever - rupees five per folio of 200 words or part thereof;
(d)For each erasure of inscription - ten rupees;
(e)For each certificate delivered by the Registrar that any inscription exists, or that none exists - rupees twenty.

Part 2

The following fees shall be levied by the Registrar, namely:

(a)For extracts from the "Repertoires" per folio of 200 words or part thereof - rupees five;
(b)For every certificate of entry in the Presentation Book - rupees five;
(c)For making Searches in the mortgage or transcription books: per hour or fraction of an hour - rupees two;
(d)Authority to barristers, attorneys, notaries and surveyors to search may be given for a period of one year or fraction of one year at the rate of rupees four hundred and eighty.

All searches, copies, extracts or certificates made on behalf of Government shall be free of charge.