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Practice Direction Applications Under Articles 724 and 820 of the Civil code (Statutory Instrument 1 of 1989)

This is the latest version of this legislation commenced on 31 Dec 2015.


Civil Code of Seychelles Act

Practice Direction Applications Under Articles 724 and 820 of the Civil code

Statutory Instrument 1 of 1989

  • Commenced on 15 May 1989

  • [This is the version of this document at 31 December 2015.]

[GN 186 of 1989; No. 1 of 1989]

In applications where a party or attorney is seeking the appointment of an executor under article 724 of the Civil Code or a fiduciary under article 820, the following documents shall be submitted to the Registry together with the petition or other document praying for the appointment.

1.The death certificate of the deceased.
2.The conveyance, deed of title or other document showing the entitlement of the deceased to ownership of immovable property.
3.The bank statement, savings book or certificate of deposit showing ownership of any movable assets of the deceased, consisting of money, cash or securities.
4.The marriage certificate of any surviving spouse of the deceased.
5.The death certificate of the deceased's spouse, if any.
6.Birth certificates of all heirs.
7.Affidavits of alias where necessary in order to explain or reconcile any differences or discrepancies in names which appear in the supporting documents.