International Trusts (Fees) Regulations

International Trusts Act

International Trusts (Fees) Regulations

Statutory Instrument 88 of 1995

  • Commenced on 4 September 1995
  • [This is the version of this document at 1 December 2014.]
[SI. 88 of 1995]


This Act may be cited as the International Trusts (Fees) Regulations.


The Fees specified in column 2 of the schedule is prescribed for the purpose specified in the corresponding entry in column 1 of the Schedule and shall be payable on or before the date specified in the corresponding entry in column 3 of that Schedule.


Purpose Fees Date
Declaration of an international trust under section 75 of the Act USD$100.00 Date of declaration of the international trust
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History of this document

04 September 1995