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Misuse of Drugs (Centre Mont Royal) Regulations, 2001 (Statutory Instrument 9 of 2001)

This is the latest version of this legislation commenced on 31 Dec 2015.


Misuse of Drugs Act

Misuse of Drugs (Centre Mont Royal) Regulations, 2001

Statutory Instrument 9 of 2001

  • Commenced on 9 April 2001

  • [This is the version of this document at 31 December 2015.]

[S.I. 9 of 2001]

Part 1 – Preliminary

1. Citation

These Regulations may be cited as the Misuse of Drugs (Centre Mont Royal) Regulations, 2001.

2. Declaration of approved institution

It is hereby declared that the Centre Mont Royal established by regulation 4 is an approved institution for the treatment and rehabilitation of substance dependant persons.

3. Interpretation

In these Regulations—Centre” means the Centre Mont Royal;member” means a member of the Board.

Part 2 – The Centre

4. Establishment of the Board

There shall be an institution called the Centre Mont Royal which will provide treatment and rehabilitation of alcohol and drug dependant persons.

5. Objects of the Centre

The objects of the Centre shall be—

(a)to provide treatment for alcohol and drug dependant persons in order to help them effectively manage their condition so as to be able to live a healthy and productive life;
(b)to equip such persons with the knowledge and skills to help them adopt a responsible and socially acceptable life style;
(c)to collaborate with other agencies to facilitate the reintegration of such persons into the society.

6. Composition of the Board

(1)The Centre shall be administered by a Board consisting of the Director of the Centre and such number of members as the Minister may appoint from amongst persons who, in the opinion of the Minister have been actively involved in the promotion of education against drug and alcohol abuse and in the rehabilitation and welfare of alcohol and drug dependant persons.
(2)The members of the Board shall hold office for such term and on such conditions as the Minister may specify in the instrument of appointment and shall be eligible for re­appointment at the end of a term of office.
(3)The Minister shall appoint one of the members of the Board to be Chairperson of the Board.

7. Functions of the Board

(1)The functions of the Board are—
(a)to formulate policies and strategies for the development and achievement of the objects of the Centre;
(b)to approve the programme of action and budget of the Centre;
(c)to co-operate with public or private organisations having objects in common with the Centre so as to develop a sense of shared responsibility and a common vision;
(d)to supervise the management of the assets of the Centre;
(e)to obtain support and resources of the Centre;
(f)to advise Government on all matters concerning the rehabilitation of substance dependant persons.
(2)For furtherance of the functions of the Board, the Board may—
(a)receive grants or donations;
(b)raise funds in Seychelles or elsewhere.

8. Meetings of the Board

(1)The Board shall meet at such place as the Chairperson thinks fit—
(a)not less than once every three months;
(b)at such other times as the Chairperson or not less than four other members may request.
(2)The Chairperson, or in the absence of the Chairperson any other member elected by the Board for the purpose shall preside at any meeting of the Board.
(3)One half of the number of members of the Board shall constitute a quorum for any meeting of the Board.
(4)Subject to this Act, the Board shall regulate its own proceedings.

Part 3 – Staff of the Centre

9. Director

The Director of the Centre shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Centre and—

(a)shall be responsible for the execution of the policy of the Centre and for the control and management of the day to day business of the Centre;
(b)may subject to the direction of the Board sign documents on behalf of the Centre;
(c)may subject to the direction of the Board delegate any of the functions of the Director to any other employee of the Centre;
(d)may issue sick leave or attendance certificates to persons undergoing treatment at the Centre;
(e)may issue progress reports of persons undergoing treatment t the Centre with their consent.

10. Staff of the Centre

(1)The Centre may employ such persons as are necessary for the Centre to perform its functions on such terms and conditions as it deems fit.
(2)Every employee of the Centre shall be under the administrative control of the Director.
(3)The members of the Board and the employees of the Centre shall be deemed to be employed in the public service for purposes of sections 91 to 96 of the Penal Code.
(4)Subject to subsection (3), the Centre, members of the Board and the employees of the Centre shall not be liable civilly or criminally in respect of any loss arising from the exercise in good faith by any of them of the functions of the Centre.

Part 4 – Finance

11. Funds of the Board

(1)The Funds of the Centre shall consist of—
(a)moneys appropriated by an Appropriation Act paid to the Centre;
(b)moneys paid to the Centre by way of fees;
(c)moneys received or raised under regulation 7(2).
(2)The funds of the Centre shall be applied for the management and functioning of the Centre and for any purposes in connection with or for the furtherance of, the objects of the Centre.

12. Accounts and audit

(1)The Centre shall keep proper accounts and records of the funds of the Centre and shall prepare for each financial year a statement of accounts.
(2)The accounts and statements of accounts of the Centre shall be audited by an auditor qualified for appointment as an auditor under the Companies Act and appointed by the Board.
(3)As soon as the accounts of the Centre have been audited under subsection (1), the Centre shall send to the Minister a copy of the statement of accounts together with a copy of any report made by the auditor on the statement or on the accounts of the Centre.
(4)The financial year of the Centre shall be a period of 12 months ending on the 31st December of any year but the first financial year of the Centre shall end on the 31st December next following the date of commencement of these regulations.