Road Transport (Secured Load) Regulations, 2008

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Road Transport Act

Road Transport (Secured Load) Regulations, 2008

Statutory Instrument 69 of 2008

  • Commenced on 15 September 2008
  • [This is the version of this document at 1 August 2016.]
  1. [Amended by Road Transport (Secured Load) (Amendment) Regulations, 2013 (Statutory Instrument 32 of 2013) on 15 April 2013]
[SI 69 of 2008; 32 of 2013]

1. Citation

These Regulations may be cited as the Road Transport (Secured Load) Regulations, 2008.

2. Interpretation

In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires—"canopy" means a large or wide water resistant or waterproof material used for protecting exposed objects or areas;"canvas" means an extremely heavy-duty plain-woven fabric;"construction materials" means articles, materials, or supplies for incorporation into the building or work and includes an item brought to the site preassembled from articles, materials, or supplies;"tarpaulin" means a large sheet of strong, flexible, water resistant or waterproof material made or canvas or polyester coated with a kind of plastic.

3. Commercial vehicle loaded with construction materials

No person shall drive a commercial vehicle loaded with construction materials in a manner that such load or any part thereof shall project above the height from the rear body of the vehicle.

4. Dropping, sifting etc. of loads

No person shall drive or move a loaded commercial vehicle on any road, street, highway or other public place unless such vehicle is so constructed, loaded or covered so as to prevent any of its loads from dropping, sifting, leaking or otherwise escaping therefrom.

5. Tracking or dropping of mud etc.

No person shall operate any vehicle so as to track or drop mud, stones, concrete, gravel or other similar material on any street, highway or other public place.

6. Loads to be covered with canvass, tarpaulin or canopy

(1)The driver of a vehicle loaded with waste or construction materials shall cover such load with a canvass, tarpauling or canopy to ensure that—
(a)no part of the load falls off the vehicle; and
(b)no dust is blown off the road to foul the air.
(2)The driver of a loaded vehicle shall cover the vehicle in such a manner that the canvass, tarpaulin or canopy covers the whole part of the rear body of the vehicle and is securely fastened to the sides of the rear body of the vehicle so that no part of the load may fall off the vehicle or be blown off the vehicle.

7. Leaking, dropping etc. of refuse

The driver of a loaded refuse vehicle or vehicle use for transporting refuse shall ensure that he protects the refuse at all times and shall not allow the leaking or dropping of any watery substance from the vehicle.

8. Transitional provisions

Where, on the coming into operation of these Regulations, a truck owner or driver who does not have in his possession such materials to which these Regulations apply, the truck owner or driver has three months from the date of coming into operation of these Regulations to buy and install such materials to the truck.

9. Offence

(1)Any person who contravenes these Regulations commits and offence.
(2)Any offence under these Regulations is punishable under section 24(2) of the Road Transport Act, 1996 read with the Minor Offences (Fixed Penalties) Decree.[regulation 9(2) amended by regulation 2(a)(i) and (ii) of SI 32 of 2013 w.e.f. 15 April 2013]
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