Justice Dr. Mathilda Twomey Receives Franco-German Human Rights Prize for Her Work in the Protection of Minors

Justice of the Court of Appeal and Chairperson of the Child Law Reform Committee Dr. Mathilda Twomey received a Franco-German human rights award on Friday 30 July 2021 in recognition of her work towards the defense of victims of sexual abuse, especially minors.

Mathilda Twomey said she would use the prize and her platform to continue to champion the rights of the most vulnerable persons in society.

Dr. Twomey is the first Seychellois to be awarded with this prize.

Chief Justice Ronny Govinden's full speech for the reopening of the courts, "For peace, cultivate justice" 2021

The Chief Justice Ronny Govinden addressed attendees of the soft reopening of courts on Monday 15 February 2021, comprised of Justices, Judges, Magistrates, few court staff, and the media in Court Room 1, including all watching live on television and online.

Chief Justice Govinden stressed on the theme chosen for the year,

“Our cry is that peace, which is a concept of societal friendship and harmony and the absence of hostility and violence, can only be founded on justice in its holistic sense as enshrined in our Constitution.”

Government begins publishing Gazette online

The Attorney General's Chambers has begun publishing the Official Government Gazette online at

This is the the official publication of the Government of the Republic of Seychelles. It is an authoritative publication of record and contains official government and commercial notifications that are required by legislation to be published.  Seylii welcomes this initiative and will not be publishing numbered Acts, SIs or Bills from 2021 onwards.

Seychelles Child Law Reform Commission completes review of Penal Code and will propose new sexual offences law with enhanced protections for children

The following note provides an update on the work undertaken by the Seychelles Child Law Reform Committee since its establishment in June 2020, and its plans for 2021. This note has been prepared by the Chairperson of the Child Law Reform Committee (CLRC), Justice Dr. Mathilda Twomey, and Alan Wallis, Head of the CLRC Technical Committee, with input from the CLRC Members.

COVID-19 - Government Special Measures and legislation

On 8 April 2020, by Press release, the Public Health Commissioner (Acting under regulation 7, 7C, 8, 9 and 13A of the Public Health (Infectious Disease Regulations, SI 8 of 1960) ordered that:

"[F]or a period of 21 days starting from 12:00pm of 8 April 2020 and up to 12:00 PM of 29 April 2020 subject to the exceptions and restrictions set out hereunder:

1. All persons in Seychelles, except as exempted or specified hereunder, are restricted from outdoor movement;