NEW: Code of Conduct for Legal Practitioners in Seychelles


As of 29 July 2013, all legal practitioners in Seychelles are subject to a new Code of Professional Conduct, promulgated by the Chief Justice as the Legal Practitioners (Professional Conduct) Rules under the Legal Practitioners Act.

This is a ground-breaking step towards greater transparency, accountability and effectiveness in the conduct of the local bar. It provides a natural counterpoint to the Seychelles Code of Judicial Conduct, which came into effect in 2010.

Court of Appeal: Causelist for 23 September 2013

Interlocutory matters for hearing at 9:00 am on Monday 23 September 2013.

Before: Justice MacGregor - President

1. Mohamed Aweys Sayid & Ors v/s The Republic SCA 2/11 Mention
Mrs. A. Amesbury v/s Mr. C. Brown CR19/10

2. Mohamed Hassan Ali & Ors v/s The Republic SCA 22/12 Mention
Unrepresented v/s Mr. C. Brown CR8/10

3. Ahmed Abdi Barre & Ors v/s The Republic SCA 7/13 Mention
Unrepresented v/s Mr. Charles Brown CR28/12

UPDATED AS OF 10 FEBRUARY 2014: New Practice Direction for case scheduling in Supreme Court and Magistrate's Court


***** UPDATE AS OF 10 FEBRUARY 2014 *****

With effect from Wednesday 19 February 2014, there will be an amendment to the Wednesday short cause schedule in the Civil Division of the Supreme Court.

The revised times for short causes before each Judge of the Supreme Court will be as follows:

09:00 - 09:55 Chief Justice

10:00 - 10:55 Justice Karunakaran

Farewell to the outgoing Chief Justice, His Lordship FMS Egonda-Ntende, 27 August 2014


On 27 August 2014, Acting Chief Justice Durai Karunakaran hosted a farewell dinner for the outgoing Chief Justice, His Lordship FMS Egonda-Ntende, at the Savoy Hotel, Beau Vallon, Mahe. 

The dinner was attended by the outgoing Chief Justice and his family, fellow judicial officers, the Attorney-General, senior members of the Bar, the Registrar and other judicial support staff, and invited guests. 

His Lordship President Court of Appeal Justice F. MacGregor Opening address for the farewell of Chief Justice Egonda-Ntende




The President of the Court of Appeal

Hon. Justice F. MacGregor

On the occasion of Farewell of the Chief Justice


26th August 2014


The Palais de Justice, Ile Du Port

Mahé, Seychelles



A       ?       Occasion  

                  1.   Farewell to the Chief Justice

                  2.   Welcome to the new Judge, Hon. Akiiki-Kiiza

New service for Court users: the Sign Language Interpreter / Deaf Mediator Service for the Judiciary




Interview with Anita Gardiner

December 2014


1. Please give a short introduction of yourself

My name is Anita Gardner, Chairperson of the Association of People with Hearing Impairment (APHI). I founded the Association in 2005. Our main objective is to fight for the hearing-impaired community in Seychelles.