23 March 2016: ELECTION PETITIONS: Summary of Proceedings by the Special Rapporteur

Day 23 – 23 March 2016, 9.30 am – Constitutional Court of Seychelles

In the matter of Wavel John Charles Ramkalawan v The Electoral Commission, James Alix Michel and the Attorney-General

The Constitutional Court is made up of the Honourable Chief Justice Twomey, Honourable Judge McKee and Honourable Judge Akiiki-Kiiza. Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan (Petitioner) was represented by Mr. Bernard Georges and Mrs Annette Georges. The Electoral Commission (First Respondent) was represented by Mrs Samantha Aglae, Mr James Michel (Second Respondent) was represented by Mr Basil Hoareau together with Mrs Laura Valabhji and Honourable Attorney-General together Mr Ananth Subramanian for the Attorney-General (Third Respondent).

Mr Hoareau announced that he had no further witnesses to call, and would close his case. Therefore, the Court indicated that it would adjourn to allow Counsel to prepare their written closing submissions.

Mr Georges alerted the Court to the fact that he may have an additional application to make, but would require sight of a document which the First Respondent had promised to bring to court and had failed to bring. The Court instructed Mrs Aglae to make the document available within an hour.

The court adjourned for the day and will reconvene Monday 28 March 2016 at 9:00 am when Counsel are expected to file their closing submissions. Counsel will be given 15 minutes each to make closing submissions based on their written submissions.

Special Rapporteur