Applications for Bar Examination 2018

Call for Applications

The Examination for Admission of Attorneys at law (the Bar Examination) in terms of section 20 of the Legal Practitioners Act will take place on 6 August 2018 - 17th August. Applicants to write the Bar Examination are invited to make application to the Registrar of the Supreme Court.


Examination Schedule

The examinations will be according to the following Schedule:

Monday 6 August 2018: Paper 1: Civil Code of Seychelles and all laws to be read as part thereof

Tuesday 7 August 2018: Paper 2: Seychelles Code of Civil Procedure

Thursday 9 August 2018: Paper 3:

        - (1) Immovable Property (Judicial Sales) Act

        - (2) Immovable Property (Transfer Restriction) Act

        - (3) The Land Registration Act

        - (4) The Mortgage and Registration Act

Friday 10 August 2018: Paper 4:

        - (1) Penal Code

        - (2) Criminal Procedure Code


Monday 13 August 2018: Paper 5: General Principles of Law of Evidence

Tuesday 14 August 2018: Paper 6: Commercial Code Company Law

Thursday 16 August 2018: Paper 7:

        - (1) Civil Status Act

        - (2) Children Act

        - (3) Matrimonial Causes Act

Friday 17 August 2018: Paper 8: Constitutional and Administrative Law


Applying to write the Bar Examination

According to the Rules and Procedures for the Seychelles Bar Examination:

1.1.   Persons wishing to apply to write the Bar Examination may apply in writing to the Registrar of the Supreme Court enclosing a certified copy of their certificate of completion of a qualifying degree in law, and payment in the form of a cheque or bank transfer of an examination fee of SR.5000.00 (five thousand rupees).

1.2.   Public Sectors may make payment by internal transfer using the following economic code: 031X100-000000-3311104-000

1.3.   Cheques should be made payable to the Registrar, Supreme Court. Applicants are requested to not enclose cash with their application.

1.4.   No Applications to write the Bar Examination will be accepted or processed after 1 calendar month prior to the date of the first examination in the examining period.



The Rules and Procedures for the Bar Examination are attached to this notification, and are available from the Registrar of the Supreme Court.