COVID-19 - Government Special Measures and legislation

On 8 April 2020, by Press release, the Public Health Commissioner (Acting under regulation 7, 7C, 8, 9 and 13A of the Public Health (Infectious Disease Regulations, SI 8 of 1960) ordered that:

"[F]or a period of 21 days starting from 12:00pm of 8 April 2020 and up to 12:00 PM of 29 April 2020 subject to the exceptions and restrictions set out hereunder:

1. All persons in Seychelles, except as exempted or specified hereunder, are restricted from outdoor movement;

2. Only employees of essential services will be required to go to work. Employees who are not in essential services must stay home. A list of all essential services will be published and may be subject to change from time to time;

3. All shops except those that sell food items and groceries and pharmaceutical products will remain closed;

4. All restaurants and take-away food outlets will remain closed. These may, however, prepare meals on order and offer bulk delivery services;

5. Banks may remain open but must practice physical distancing and avoid crowding. Electronic banking is encouraged;

6. [Editors note: Item 6 is a copy of the first two sentences of item 2]. Only employees of essential services will be required to go to work. Employees who are not in essential services must stay home.

7. All persons must remain at home apart from the periods required to access necessary food supplies and essential services. Physical distancing must be practiced during these times;

8. People from different homes should not meet for any formal or informal activities;

9. Public bus services will be reduced to the level necessary to provide transportation of staff in essential services and members of the public who require immediate access to essential services. Physical distancing must be observed at all times in public transportation;

10. The restriction of movement also applies to construction worker [sic]. Except for those doing work on essential Government infrastructure, all construction companies must cease work and employees will remain in their living quarters. Written permission must be obtained from the Commissioner of police for all exemption [sic]. Companies must ensure that their employees exercise social and physical distancing at all times;

11. No transport carrying construction workers will be permitted on the road except for those with special permission, who must ensure adequate social distancing during transportation;

12. Travel and movement between the islands is restricted to carrying out essential services and transportation of staff in essential services; and

13. Boat and pleasure craft excursions and activities are not permitted."

Seylii has requested a copy of the relevant laws establishing these restrictions.

The Public Health Act (Infectious Disease) Regulations passed under the Public Health Act are available for download.

The published list of essential services is available as a download.

The official DRDM form for applying for access for essential services personnel which is to be emailed to DRDM for processing.


The Government of Seychelles has passed the following measures to combat the Coronovirus pandemic.

SI 31 of 2020 Public Health (Amendment of Schedules) Regulations, 2020

SI 32 of 2020 Public Health Emergency Notice 2020

SI 38 of 2020 Quarantine (Maritime) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020

SI 39 of 2020 Quarantine (Air) (Amendment) Regulations

SI 40 of 2020 Transfer of Statutory Functions (Quarantine Act)

SI 41 of 2020 Public Health (Infectious Disease) (Amendment)

SI 42 of 2020 Public Health (Requisition and Compensation) (Amendment)

SI 57 of 2020 Employment (Coronavirus Special Leave)

SI 58 of 2020 Public Health (Infectious Disease) (Amendment No. 2)

SI 62 of 2020 Public Health (Infectious Disease) (Amendment) (No.3) Regulations

Infectious Disease (Prohibition of Public Assemblies) (No 2) Order, 2020


Information and further legislative measures will be posted