Urgent Fundraising Appeal - Help SeyLII keep the eGrey Book online

An urgent fundraising appeal to the people of Seychelles

Dear All,

SeyLII is a non-profit independent organisation that believes in free and open access to law for all.  Over the past four years, it has been dedicated to collecting and publishing essential information to not just the members of the legal profession, but the members of the public at large. 

One of SeyLII’s proudest achievements is the launch and maintenance of the “eGrey Book” service.  This is a highly specialised free internet tool which publishes 80 of the most commonly used laws in Seychelles on one user-friendly site, with regular updates and search and download options, in keeping with the theme of access to justice for all.

The eGrey Book is hosted by a web platform in Canada and as such has major running costs associated with it.  For the past two years, SeyLII has benefited from international sponsors which helped with the initial start-up.  The time has now come again to pay the running costs, but as SeyLII is a non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers dedicated to the cause, it has no independent funding to meet this year’s costs which amount to almost USD 10,000.  These funds must be raised before Christmas 2016 to keep the eGrey Book online.

The eGrey Book is a tool for anyone in Seychelles to use, a tool which has proven itself to be more than useful especially over the last year in helping citizens to understand the legal system in the run-up and aftermath of the elections.  SeyLII is now launching an urgent appeal to the public at large to help fund the running costs of the eGrey Book.  As citizens engaged in the pursuit of higher knowledge, we all owe it to ourselves to contribute towards this vital tool, crucial in the development of our society in times where access to information has become increasingly fundamental.

SeyLII would be extremely grateful for any donation made, however small, to help keep the eGrey Book online.  Donors can be acknowledged (if they so wish) on the SeyLII website, which attracts thousands of visitors each month.  For more information and to make a donation please contact us through the website, www.seylii.org/content/contact-seylii, or by email to jessica.kerr@aya.yale.eduor phone 428 5816.



October 2016