Finding list for legislation

Legislation of Seychelles

A Finding List of Acts and Statutory Instruments

as at 10 May 2016



First Edition        August 2009

Second Edition       October 2009

Third Edition       January 2010

Fourth Edition        August 2010

Revised       February 2011

Revised       June 2011

Fifth Edition       March 2012

Sixth Edition        August 2012

Revised        November 2012

Seventh Edition      August 2013

Revised      November 2013

Revised       April 2014

Revised       August 2014

Revised       December 2014

Eighth Edition      April 2015

Ninth Edition       October 2016

© 2016

Law Publications (Seychelles)

ISBN 978-99931-828-7-0



Editorial Note                                                           iv

Users’ Guide                                                             v

Acts in Force                                                            1

Chronological Table of Acts                                        37

Statutory Instruments in Force                                  76

Chronological Table of Statutory Instruments              156



This booklet has been prepared for the purpose of providing a starting point for access to the legislation of Seychelles. Complete accuracy unfortunately remains elusive.  The cut‑off date for this revised edition reflects the coming into force of the long-awaited official revised Laws of Seychelles (on 11 May 2016 – stating the law as at 31 December 2010). Future editions will reflect the changes made in that official revision exercise.

The book is in two main parts:

(1) An alphabetical list of Acts in force with principal Acts and amendments, and the chronological list of all the Acts with indication of their status / impact on other laws;

(2) Statutory Instruments in force listed under the empowering Acts, and the chronological list of Statutory Instruments.

The Finding List used the 1994 legislation collection (updated in 1996) as its base. It therefore accounts for all legislation from 9 July 1996 to 10 May 2016 – ie all Acts in the 1996 collection and such subsidiary legislation as was accessible in that collection.

Our thanks as always is extended to the Chief Justice, the President of the Court of Appeal, members of the judiciary, court staff, and members of the profession for their support in the compilation of this Finding List.


Jessica Kerr and Tony Angelo


25 October 2016



Users’ Guide

The Finding List provides much information about the legislation and alternative ways of tracking a particular piece of legislation.

The first list records the statutes in force at the given cut‑off date. The principal Act is shown with all amendments listed. Typically Acts are amended by Act, but occasionally they are amended by Statutory Instrument eg the Business Tax Act. Where that occurs the reference to the amendment is indicated by “SI”.

The list of Statutory Instruments in Force is organised alphabetically by the short title of the empowering statute. Under each empowering statute, the pieces of subsidiary legislation promulgated under that statute are listed alphabetically by short title. Typically amendments to subsidiary legislation are made by subsidiary legislation. Occasionally, amendments to subsidiary legislation are made by statute. In that case the amendments are indicated by the annotation “Act”. Many pieces of subsidiary legislation are repealed as a consequence of the repeal of the principal enactment, eg the Licences Act.

The Chronological Table of Acts is divided into the Caps (Acts included in the 1996 Laws of Seychelles) and subsequent numbered Acts.  The list of Caps indicates against each Cap whether it has been repealed or, in the event of no annotation, that it remains in force. A numbered Act which amends or repeals another Act is annotated accordingly, eg Act 4 of 2012 amended Cap 133. Use of the chronology enables the status of every statute from Cap 1 (of the latest consolidated collection of legislation) to be tracked. The chronology therefore provides an historical record of the legislation.

The Chronological Table of Statutory Instruments is accurate from mid-1996. The physical nature of the latest consolidated set of the legislation makes certainty as to which pre-1996 subsidiary legislation is still in force difficult to establish. All available information as to the pre-1996 subsidiary legislation is recorded in the List of Statutory Instruments in Force.

Where an enactment has been promulgated but, at the cut‑off date for the Finding List, has not come into force, that piece of legislation and any repeals and amendments it effects are annotated “NIF”.