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Seychelles Government Gazette dated 2018-02-21 number 21


Official Gazette
No. 21 , XLm No. 21
Published by Authority Wednesday 21st February 2018

The following Government Notice is published by Order of the President

No. 195 of 2018
The following Orders are published as Legal Supplements to this number of the Official
Gazette Description Price
21 Amirantes (Marine) to Fortune Bank (Marine) Area
- of Outstanding Natural Beauty, (Designation), Order,
2018. (S.L 10 of2018) 4.00
• Aldabra Group (Marine) National Park (Designation)
Order, 2018. (S.L 11 of 2018) 1.60

No. 196 of2018

(Cap 39)

Commission of Inquiry

I, Danny Faure, President of the Republic of Seychelles, in exercise of the powers conferred
by section 2 ofthe Commissions of Inquiry Act—

(a) appoint Justice Bernardin Renaud as Commissioner to— •

(i) inquire into the circumstances associated with the death of Steve
Jeffrey Khan;

(ii) render a report of the findings of the Commissioner and
recommendations if any, not later than 45 days from the date of
publication ofthis Commission in the Gazette; and

(b) direct that the Inquir/be held in public at the Seychelles Court of Appeal,
Court Room, Palais de Justice.