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Seychelles Government Gazette dated 2018-04-16 number 37

Official Gazette
No, 37’XLin No, 37
Published by Authority Monday 16th April 2018

The following Government Notices are published by Order of the President

No. 347 of 2018
The following Notice is published as a Legal Supplement to this number of the Official Gazette.
Gazette Description Price
37 Income and Non-Monetary Benefits Tax (Amendment) Act,
2017 (Commencement) Notice, 2018. (S.1.25 of 2018) 1.15

No. 348 of2018
Names of Nurses contained on Part 1 of the General Nursing Register as kept by
The Seychelles Nurses And Midwives Council as at 30th April 2018

Abel Hyacinthe Bessie Karen Vida Aglae Celia Angele
Abraham Ajeesh Aglae Nadia Erica
Abraham Joyice Aglae Nathasha, Josephine
Accouche Laiza Marie Eve Accouche Agricole Lizz Juliette
Accouche Renny Mary-Anne Agricole Winifred Jeanneton
Adela Christabelle Amenda Helene Agrippine Jessy Una
Adela Nicole Bamardete Ah-Kon Jonita Elsie
Adelaide Gina Brigitte Ah-Kong Marline Pamla
Adelaide Francois Benjamin Ah-Thew Marie Ani el la Josette
Adelaide Jerina Fatima Ahtion Flora Mirelda Marie-May
Adelaide Michele Diana Ah-Tong Sylvianne
Adikari Mudiyanselage Karunadasa Akbar Shanthini Begam
Adolphe Stephanie, Murielle, Marie-Michelle Alakunta Varalakshmi
Adonis Bryna Isabelle Albert Nadine Natalie Juliette
Adonis Maria Rose Tania Albest Millicent Ann Claudette
Adrienne Karen Bettina Alcindor Collina Adah
Adrienne Kathleen Barbara Aliyas Tintu
Adrienne Lina Simone Allisop Helene
Adrienne Marie-May Johnise Almaze Jean-Paul Bryan
Adrienne Nadia Janet Almaze Josette, Marie-Lise
Adrienne Tania • Amade Monica
Aglae Cecile Anacoura Jean-Baptisia