Normans Car Hire and Travel Services Company Ltd vs Sinon (SCA NO. 50 OF 2011) [2014] SCCA 21 (14 August 2014);




        Pursuant to the notice of motion filed on 22/10/2013 for amendment of the reliefs in the notice of appeal; and upon hearing Mr. Serge Rouillon learned advocate for the Appellant on 6/8/2014 in the absence of the Respondent who was absent though duly served; and having satisfied ourselves that there is merit in the appeal; we hereby order as follows:-

(i)              The Respondent is ordered to settle all outstanding arrears due to the Appellant within a period of six months from the date of this Order; and

(ii)             In the event of failure to comply with (i) above, the procedure under the Imprisonment for Debt Act (CAP 96 of the Laws of Seychelles) for the arrest and imprisonment of the Respondent as a civil prisoner will be invoked.




F. MacGregor                 A. F. T. Fernando                J. H. Msoffe                                     

President                      Justice of Appeal               Justice of Appeal




Dated this 14th day of August 2014,at Palais de Justice, Ile Du Port, Mahé, Seychelles