Link-R Trade Point Co. Ltd v ABC Trading (Pty) Ltd (SCA 30/2012) [2015] SCCA 8 (17 April 2015);



[Coram:     S. Domah (J.A) A. Fernando (J.A) , M. Twomey (J.A)]

Civil Appeal SCA30/2012

(Appeal from Supreme Court Decision238/2011)


Link Trade Point Co. (Pty) Ltd







ABC Trading (Pty) Ltd










Heard:             08 April 2015

Counsel:          Pesi Pardiwalla for Appellant



                        Basil Hoareau and Frank Ally for Respondent


Delivered:       17 April 2015




M. Twomey (J.A)


  1. Counsel have agreed that the Appeal before the Court contains several procedural errors       committed by both parties in this matter.  They have agreed that a compromise should be        sought to resolve the issue at large, namely that an order issued to the Seychelles Licensing       Authority on the behest of the Respondent against the Appellant should not have been sought     or granted.


2. In the circumstances we make the following Order:

The Order made by the Supreme Court on 29th December 2011 that the Chief Executive

Officer of the Seychelles Licensing Authority not renew or issue a new licence to anyone or to any tenant of the shop units GF6, GF7, and GF8 situated on parcel PR 5881 at Baie Ste Anne Praslin and registered under the Condominium Property Act is set aside.


3. We make no order as to costs.



M. Twomey (J.A)

I concur:.                                ………………….                                           S. Domah (J.A)

I concur:.                                ………………….                                           A. Fernando (J.A)



Signed, dated and delivered at Palais de Justice, Ile du Port on17 April 2015