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Court name
Supreme Court
Case number
2 of 2010

Ex Parte Republic Under Supreme Court (interception of Correspondence Or Other Means of Communication) (2 of 2010) [2010] SCSC 62 (17 January 2010);

Media neutral citation
[2010] SCSC 62
Gaswaga, J





(Supreme Court (Interception of correspondence or other means of communication) Rules, 1993)


Criminal Side No. 2 of 2010



Mrs. S. Aglae for the Petitioner



(Given under Rule 6)


Gaswaga, J


To: Assistant Superintendent of Police Francis Sangoire


Whereas I am satisfied that it is necessary or desirable that the IP address ( being used by an anonimus sender of harassing and threatening e-mails to one Mira Kalyan Kumar (virtual complainant) vide e-mail address Keven Aioyt <sinvas 2009 at homail.com> in the custody or control of Cable and Wireless should be intercepted by whatever reasonable means possible and the said IP address and the specific computer and person sending the said e-mails to the virtual complainant traced and identified during the period of fourteen (14) days commencing on the date of this warrant. This is to authorize you to intercept the correspondence or means of communication specified above in the manner and within the time stated herein.

The said Cable and Wireless is further hereby ordered to give the police officer herein above the particulars of the address in question as well as other details relating to the owner or possessor of that IP address and computer. In addition Cable and Wireless should provide any other information and or evidence that could assist the police with its investigations in this case.


You are further authorized to execute this warrant at any hour of the day.


GIVEN under my hand and the Seal of the Supreme Court this 18th day of January, 2010.