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Court name
Supreme Court
Case number
Civil Side 204 of 2011

Meme v Meme (Civil Side 204 of 2011) [2012] SCSC 8 (24 January 2012);

Media neutral citation
[2012] SCSC 8
Renaud, J


B. RenaudJ


This is an Application by Petition for Interdiction made in terms of Articles 489 and 490of the Civil Code of Seychelles.


The Applicant Melville Meme is the husband of the Respondent Doris Meme who is willing and capable of acting for her. They both lived at Anse a La Mouche. The Respondent is 78 years old and is suffering from senile dementia and her mental faculty is impaired grossly. She is incapable of looking after her own affairs. The Respondent is in the process of filing a case before the Supreme Court with

regard to her inheritance. The Respondent requires a person to act for her and

look after her affairs.


The Office of the Attorney-General was duly served with this process asMinistere Publiqueand there is no objection.



After considering the  uncontroverted affidavit evidence adduced by the Applicant, this Court now gives its judgment and makes the following orders:



(a) grants an order of interdiction in respect of the Respondent Mrs.

Doris Meme;

(b)  appoints the Applicant Mr. Melville Meme to be the Guardian of the

Respondent Mrs. Doris Meme.







Dated this 25th day of January, 2012