In the matter of Financial Intelligence Unit (MC 46.2013) [2014] SCSC 185 (15 May 2014);



Karunakaran J

[1]               This is an application filed under Section 10 (7) of the Anti-Money Laundering Act 2006-2011 seeking for an order extending the freezing order made by this court on the 17th of January 2014, in this matter.

[2]               I carefully perused the affidavit filed by Mr. Liam Logan of the Financial Intelligence Unit.  I gave careful thought to the submission made by learned State Counsel Mr. David Esparon.

[3]               For the reasons stated in the affidavit, I find it just and necessary that an extension order should be granted as sought by the applicant in this matter.

[4]               Therefore, I hereby extend the freezing order for a further period of 180 days with effect of 16th of May 2014, in respect of the amounts GBP 996,762 in total standing to the credit in the BMI Offshore Limited :

(1)   Craven Capital Ventures with account number 300000008118

(2)   Monfa Corporation with account number – 300000008064

(3)   Portman Group Limited with account number – 300000008129

(4)   SLF Associates Inc with account number – 300000008088

(5)   Regent Group with account number – 300000008072


Accordingly, I grant the motion and order the extension for a further period of 180 days.

Order made accordingly.




Signed, dated and delivered at Ile du Port on 15 May 2014.

D. Karunakaran

Judge of the Supreme Court