Jeremie vs Dodin and ors (CS 261.2010) [2014] SCSC 36 (15 January 2014);



Karunakaran J

[1]               I gave careful consideration to the submission made by counsel on both sides to this application.  On the strength of the affidavit filed in support of this application, I am satisfied that one Mrs. Sophie Jean-Baptiste nee Cathene, died intestate on the 12 of October 1946 and Rose Jean-Baptiste died intestate on the 27th of January 1938. 

[2]               I am equally satisfied both deceased persons together with Therese Barra and Charlien Jean-Baptiste were co-owners in land registered as title V.7878 and V.7879 situated at Le Noil, Mahe.

[3]               I am also satisfied that the13 applicants and 22 respondents whose names appear in the caption of this application are the only legal heirs to the estate of the said deceased persons.

[4]               In the circumstances, I direct the Registrar of Land to register the said two parcels of land namely, V.7878 and V.7879 situated at Le Niol, Mahe in the joint names of all the 35 persons named in the application.  They shall remain as co-owners in respect of the said two parcels of land.

[5]               I direct the Land Registrar to comply with this order accordingly.    


signed, dated and delivered at Ile du Port on 15 January 2014

D karunakaran

Judge 0f the Supreme Court