In the matter of an application by the Financial Intelligence Unit (MC 79.2014) [2014] SCSC 360 (29 September 2014);



Karunakaran ACJ

[1]               This is an application for the extension of a freezing order issued by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) on the 16th April 2014, freezing the amounts standing to credit USD 125,417.10/-  in the name of ISI Limited, account number 0387729224 with Barclays Bank (Offshore) Seychelles Limited for a period of 180 days.  This application is supported by an affidavit deponed by one Declan Barber, the Director of the FIU.

[2]               On the strength of the affidavit filed in support of this application, I find it just and necessary that an extension order should be made as sought by the applicant in this matter.  Accordingly, I hereby extend the freezing direction issued by the FIU for a further period of 180 days with effect from the 2nd of October 2014.

[3]               Orders made accordingly.


Signed, dated and delivered at ILe du Port on  29th September 2014


Acting Chief Justice