Exparte: Naidoo (XP 113.2014) [2014] SCSC 417 (05 November 2014);



Karunakaran ACJ

[1]               This is an application for the rectification of a birth register filed under Section 100 of the Civil Status Act.  On the strength of the affidavits and other documents adduced by the applicant in this matter, I am satisfied that the birth register in Civil Status Register No: 0685 of 1987.C Sex : F contains errors in respects of the father’s name as well as mother’s name of the child M. Kavitha Naidoo.

[2]               The father’s name should read “Rengarajan Mohan Naidoo” instead of “Mohan Naidoo” and mother’s name should read “Meerabhai Naidoo” instead of “Meera Naidoo nee Naidoo”.

[3]               In the circumstances, I hereby direct the Chief Officer of the Civil Status to rectify these defects in the said birth register accordingly and issue correct certificate of birth to the petitioners in this matter.

[4]               Orders made accordingly.



Signed, dated and delivered at Ile du Port on 5th November 2014.


Acting Chief Justice