Republic vs Hoareau (CO 21.2012) [2014] SCSC 83 (06 March 2014);



Dodin J

[1]               The Convict Hubert Hoareau is a first offender. He is 38 years old and he is still in employment but with a different company. He is married with one minor child a daughter.

[2]               He has pleaded guilty, saved the Court’s time and had shown remorse. I impose the following sentence on the Accused:

[3]               I sentence him to 1 year imprisonment suspended for 2 years. He should not commit any offence during the period of 2 years otherwise he would have to go and serve the 1 year.

[4]               I also impose a fine of RS25,000 to be paid within 6 months. It can be paid by instalments.


signed, dated and delivered at Ile du Port on 6th March 2014

G Dodin 

Judge of the Supreme Court