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Court name
Supreme Court
Case number
CO 41 of 2015

Republic v Labiche (CO 41 of 2015) [2016] SCSC 40 (27 January 2016);

Media neutral citation
[2016] SCSC 40
Burhan, J






Criminal Side:   CO 41/2015


[2016] SCSC 40











Heard:           27th January 2016

Counsel:        Georges Thachett  for the Republic


                     Clifford Andre Attorney at Law for the Accused


Delivered:       27th January 2016





[1]       I have considered the facts put forward by learned counsel on his behalf in mitigation.  I have             considered the fact that the convict is 21 years of age.  I also consider the fact that he is a first offender which is admitted by the prosecution.  Most importantly I consider the fact that the accused has expressed remorse and regret by pleading guilty to the said offence even at this late stage.  It is clear that the convict expresses remorse and regret and is pleading for the leniency of the Court.

[2]    I also consider the fact that the Honorable Attorney General has decided to file an alternative lesser charge.  Having considered all these facts considering the young age of the convict, the fact that he is a first offender to sentence him to a term of 10 months imprisonment.  Time spent in remand to count towards sentence.

[3]      In addition I make order that he pays a fine of SR 5,000 as compensation to the victim Janice Elizabeth.  Failure to pay the said fine will result to a term of 6 months imprisonment in lieu of payment of fine.




Signed, dated and delivered at Ile du Port on  27th January 2016




M. Burhan

Judge of the Supreme Court