R v Brutus (CO 45/2012) [2016] SCSC 416 (13 June 2016);

Criminal Side:  45/2012
Criminal Side: CO 58/2014

[2016] SCSC 416






Counsel:Mr Thachett standing along with Mr Vipin Assistant Principal State Counsels for the Republic
            Mr Camille for the accused

Delivered:        13 June 2016


Dodin J

[1] I have heard counsel in mitigation. The Convict has pleaded guilty to all three counts in the two cases. He has saved the Court’s time. He has expressed remorse through his counsel and he is treated as a first offender for these cases. He is 40 years old. He was working as a Casual Labour and has two minor children.
[2] Counsel has moved for a lenient sentence. I have taken into consideration all these mitigating factors and I take note that he has already spent 20 months and 1 week on remand.
[3]  So I impose the following sentences in case CR45 of 2012 on the 2nd count that is possession of 6.5grams of heroin diamorphine, I impose a sentence of 1 year imprisonment.
[4] On count 2 possession of 0.9grams of Cannabis herbal material I impose a sentence of 6 months imprisonment to run concurrently. These two sentences to run together.
[5] In case CR58 of 2014 count 2 possession of 10.7grams of heroin diamorphine containing 16% purity I impose a sentence of 1 year imprisonment to run consecutive to the other two sentences; that is the total sentences would be 2 years imprisonment.
[6] All time spent on remand shall count towards the sentences.
[7] He can appeal against the sentences within 30 working days.

Signed, dated and delivered at Ile du Port on 13 June 2016


G Dodin
Judge of the Supreme Court