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Court name
Supreme Court
Case number
CO 35 of 2016

R v Josias & Anor. (CO 35 of 2016) [2016] SCSC 462 (01 July 2016);

Media neutral citation
[2016] SCSC 462
Akiiki-Kiiza, J





CriminalSide: 35/2016


[2016] SCSC  462










First Accused



Second Accused



Heard:                         1 July 2016

Counsel:                      Ms Faure,  for the Republic

                                    Mr Camille for the 1st Accused

                                    Mr Juliette for the 2nd Accused



Delivered:                   1 July 2016     



Akiiki-Kiiza J


  1. I am satisfied that both Accused person can be released on bail in this case if they fulfil the following conditions:

(1) They will deposit cash of SR 15,000 with the two sureties in the sum of SR30,000 (not cash).

(2) They will report to Anse Royale police station 3 times a week that is Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays between the time 5 pm and 7 pm.

(3) They will resist from contacting any of the prosecution witnesses or the victims or try to interfere with them in any way.

(4) They will surrender their passports or travel documents to the Registrar of the Supreme Court till the case is over or till this Court orders otherwise.

(5) They will not leave the jurisdiction of this Court unless they get permission from the Court and the Immigration department is informed accordingly.

(6)  Any breach of any of the above conditions will result into automatic cancellation of the bail and they will be remanded.



Signed, dated and delivered at Ile du Port on 4 July 2016







D. Akiiki-Kiiza

Judge of the Supreme Court