R v Didon (CO 34/2011) [2016] SCSC 520 (15 July 2016);






Criminal Side: CO 34/2011


[2016] SCSC 520     
















Heard:                         15 July 2016

Counsel:                      Mr Vipin,  for the Republic


                                    Mr Andre for the Accused




Delivered:                   15 July 2016



Akiiki-Kiiza J



[1]               Accused is allegedly a first offender. He has pleaded guilty, saving the Court’s time. He has prayed to alternative count of possession. This shows some repentance and remorse on his part. Also plea of guilty shows that the Court’s precious time and resources is saved.

[2]               Hence I take this plea of guilty into account while considering the Sentence to impose on him. He also says he has a young child of 5 years age who he has to look after and the Court always considers the younger children’s welfare. He is also said to be a first offender.

[3]               I will also take into account that the case has been hanging over him for the last 5 years. The government has reviewed the Misuse of Drugs Act and I take into account the new Act.

[4]               All-in-all, I Sentence the Accused to a fine of SR 10,000 or in default of 6 months imprisonment. I don’t know whether he can pay that at once or he needs some installments. The Accused is to pay SR 3,500 at the end of August, another SR 3,500 by the end of September and SR 3,000 by the end of October.


Signed, dated and delivered at Ile du Port on 20 July 2016





D Akiiki-Kiiza

Judge of the Supreme Court