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Court name
Supreme Court
Case number
CO 18 of 2017
Counsel for plantiff
B. Vipin

R v Confiance (CO 18 of 2017) [2017] SCSC 644 (12 July 2017);

Media neutral citation
[2017] SCSC 644
Counsel for defendant
N. Gabriel
Dodin, J


Dodin J


[1]       This is the sentence. I have heard counsel in mitigation. The Convict is 19 years old, a first offender. He is a member of the National Football Team.  I note that the amount of drug involved is not on the high side 6.86 grams of powder containing 2.9 grams of heroin.

[2]        He has pleaded guilty at the first opportunity, saved the Court’s time and expenses of a trial. As counsel has stated he is remorseful and in his case being a young person he should be given a chance to restart.

[3]        I note from the factors involved that there are no particular aggravating factors no, commercial element the amount of drug is on the low side. He co-operate with the police. I would therefore impose a non-custodial sentence.

(1)  I impose a sentence a fine of Rs30,000/- to be paid within 6 months of today. In default he shall be committed to prison for 1 year.

(2)  He should not commit any similar offence within the next 2 years otherwise he will not be a first offender and he will have to face imprisonment.

[4]        He can appeal against sentence within 30 working days.



Signed, dated and delivered at Ile du Port on 13 July 2017.


G. Dodin

Judge of the Supreme Court