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Court name
Supreme Court
Case number
CS 134 of 2018
Counsel for plantiff
A. Derjacques

F.E (CS 134 of 2018) [2018] SCSC 1092 (02 December 2018);

Media neutral citation
[2018] SCSC 1092
Pillay, J



Civil Side:  134/2018


       [2018] SCSC  1092



F .E





Counsel:                      Mr. Derjacques for plaintiff



                                 for   defendant




Delivered:                   3 December 2018



Pillay J


[1]        Indeed there is CV 1 on file sent to both parties dated 8th October 2018 and with that attached the summons and copy of the plaint, which I see was served at 10:45 in the morning on 10th October 2018 to the secretary of Wendy Pierre.  I note that paragraph 1, the note that failure to file the defence in accordance with the direction may result in judgment be given against you, with regards to the instruction from the defendant.  I also note section 128 of the Seychelles Code of Civil Procedure that if the defendant has neglected to file his statement of defence within the time ordered by the court, the court may either give judgment for the plaintiff on his claim or grant further time subject to order as to costs.

[2]        Having had no indication from the defendant why they are not here, there is no defence on file and the defendant was notified for today’s date at 9:20 a.m. on the 3rd December 2018 and the time is now coming up to 9:30 a.m. with no appearance, judgment is entered on the plaintiff’s claim and I make no order as to cost.



Signed, dated and delivered at Ile du Port on 3 December 2018


L.Pillay, J

Judge of the Supreme Court