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Court name
Supreme Court
Case number
CO 69 of 2021

R v Benoit (CO 69 of 2021) [2021] SCSC 387 (05 July 2021);

Media neutral citation
[2021] SCSC 387
Burhan J



[2021] SCSC  387
THE REPUBLIC                                                              
(Represented by Ms Benoiton)
Rinti  Benoit                                                                       Accused

(Present/Unrepresented )

Neutral Citation:  The Republic V Rinti Benoit [2021] SCSC 387 (5 July 2021).
Before:                   M. Burhan
Heard:                    5 July 2021

Delivered:              5 July 2021


M. Burhan,
I am releasing the Accused on bail with the following conditions:
[1]       He shall pay a cash bail of Five Thousand Rupees (R5000/-) today, and Rupees Twenty            Five Thousand (R25,000/-) personal bail.
[2]       One surety bail of Rupees Twenty Five Thousand (R25,000/-)
[3]       He is not to interfere with the witnesses in this case.
[4]       He cannot stay in Quincy Village because the victim also is there. 
[5]       He may stay in Perseverance where his mother lives, or he may stay with his father in Praslin, but he cannot go to Quincy Village. If there is a complaint that he has been to Quincy Village, he will be immediately remanded.
[6]       If he meets the victim outside Quincy Village, he is to always keep a distance of 100 meters and not speak to her.
[7]       He is to report to the Central Police Station every Monday.
[8]       He is not to commit any offence of a similar nature.
[9]       He shall not commit any similar offense whilst on bail. 
[10]     He is not to leave the jurisdiction of Seychelles without the consent of the Court.
[11]     He is to surrender his passport to the Court immediately.
Signed, dated and delivered at Ile du Port on 5 July 2021
M. Burhan