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Court name
Supreme Court
Case number
MA 263 of 2021
Counsel for plantiff
N. Thompson

R v Fred and Ors (MA 263 of 2021) [2022] SCSC 14 (13 January 2022);

Media neutral citation
[2022] SCSC 14
Govinden CJ

[1]        I have carefully read the Notice of Motion for a Disposal Order made in this matter and the avernments contained therein, together with the Affidavit of Police Officer Terrence Roseline in support of the said Application. I have also carefully listened to Learned Cousnel representing the Applicant, Ms. Thomspon. Having done so I am satisfied that it is just and necessary that a Disposal Order be made in this matter as I am satisfied that an Interlocutory Order was made by this Court on the 1st of October 2020 under section 4 of the POCA Act and this has been in force for not more than 12 months in relation to the said property.
[2]      Secondly, that there is no Appeal pending before the Court of Appeal in respect of the said Interlocutory Order or any other Order under section 4 of the POCA Act.
[3]      Third , that there is no Application pending under section 4(3) of the POCA Act before any Court in respect of the said property.
[4]      Therefore, I Order that the specified property being the sum of cash equivalent of Secyhelles Rupees Ninety-One Thousand (SCR 91, 000) obtained from the sale of vehicle S17795 be disposed of, accordingly.
[5]      In so doing I order that this be done less any bank charges which the Absa Bank Seychelles maybe entitled to deduct by transfer to the Republic as provided for in section 5 of the POCA.
[6]      I rule accordingly.
Signed, dated and delivered at Ile du Port Victoria on the 13th January 2022.