Appropriation Act, 2013

Number of Act: 
Date of promulgation: 
18 December 2012
Date of commencement: 
31 December 2012

 [31st December 2012]	Supplement to Official Gazette






(Act 1 of 2013)

       I assent



                                                                                                                 J.A. Michel



                                                                                                 18th December, 2012




   An Act to provide for the service of the Republic of Seychelles for the year ending December 31st, 2013.


   ENACTED by the President and the National Assembly.



Short title




of expenditure


1.                        This Act may be cited as the Appropriation Act, 2013.


2.                         The Minister of Finance, Trade and Investment may, by warrant under the hand of the Minister, authorise the issue from the Consolidated Fund for the service of the Republic for the year 2013 of a sum not exceeding five thousand four hundred and twelve million, one hundred and fifty-five thousand rupees (R5,412,155,000) which sum shall be appropriated in accordance with the Schedule for the purposes specified therein.




Allocation of Authorised Expenditure                          R′000           R′000                                                             R'000

President's Office                                                                                   43,135

Department of Information                                                                        470

Department of Legal Affairs                                                                  28,143

Department of Defence                                                                      155,357

Department of Public Administration                                                   21,120

Department of Information Technology                                                28,440

and Communication


The Judiciary                                                                                           33,711

National Asssembly                                                                                26,689

Office of the Auditor General                                                                            11,744

Office of the Ombudsman                                                                        1,428

Office of the Public Service Appeals Board                                               651

Constitutional Appointments Authority                                                     582

Electoral Commission                                                                              4,087

Ministry of Finance, Trade and Investment                                           61,823

Ministry of Foreign Affairs                                                                    66,441

Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport                                              284,912

Ministry of Natural Resources and Industry                                            9,192

Ministry of Education                                                                           413,821

Ministry of Land Use and Habitat                                                        36,393

Ministry of Community Development, Sports                                      80,666

and Social Affairs


Ministry of Health                                                                                496,186

Ministry of Tourism and Culture                                                            27,643

Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development                       20,315

Ministry of Environment and Energy                                                     36,567

Seychelles Fire and Rescue Service Agency                                         20,384

Seychelles Land Transport Agency                                                        60,447

Seychelles Agricultural Agency                                                              31,220

Small Enterprise Promotion Agency                                                         7,849

Agency for Social Protection                                                                  22,103

Office of the Mayor of Victoria                                                              2,240

National Human Resources Development Council                                 7,335

Landscape and Waste Management Agency                                      107,367

Other Wages and Salaries                                                                    123,859

Other Goods and Services                                                                     68,438

Social Programs from Central Government                                        355,259

Transfers to Public Sector                           

Early Childhood Development Centre                               3,236

Seychelles Licensing Authority                                        10,187

Office of Fair Trading                                                        9,058

National Bureau of Statistics                                            10,717

Seychelles Revenue Commission                                      56,958

Procurement Oversight Unit                                               3,038

National Tender Board                                                       2,602

Tax and Customs Agent Board Revenue Tribunal                906

Seychelles Investment Bureau                                            8,479

Postal Regulatory Agency                                                   1,636

 Small Business Finance Agency                                         3,560

Public Enterprise Commission                                             3,186

 Finance Services Commission                                          32,000

National Drugs Enforcement Agency                              41,426

Financial Intelligence Unit                                                19,646

Seychelles Fishing Authority                                              35,429

Seychelles Bureau of Standards                                         14,469

Seychelles Qualifications Authority                                     2,473

Tertiary Education Commission                                           2,072

Seychelles Planning Authority                                            12,281

Seychelles Tourism Academy                                             16,766

Seychelles Tourism Board                                                119,962

International Conference Center                                          7,734

Seychelles National Parks Authority                                  18,507

Seychelles Energy Commission                                            3,023

Public Officers' Ethics Commission                                     2,045

National Human Rights Commission                                      960

Seychelles Media Commission                                            2,634

National Youth Council                                                      14,451

National Aids Council                                                         1,524

National Council For Children                                            3,476

National Council for the Elderly                                             406

Mont Royale                                                                        4,180    

Drug and Alcohol Council                                                   1,158

National  Council for the Disabled                                        2,820

Children’s Homes Foundation                                               8,635

Residential Care Services-Roman Catholic Church              1,597

National Sports Council                                                       41,551

Seychelles Nurses and Midwives Council                                737

Health Professional Council                                                     690

National Arts Council                                                            5,383

Livestock Trust Fund                                                                500

Praslin Development Fund/Advisory Board                            622

La Digue Development Fund/Advisory Board                        419

La Digue Trust Fund                                                                583

Praslin Trust Fund                                                                     392

National Aids Trust Fund                                                      1,000

National Botanical Gardens Trusts Foundation                   12,913

Adult Learning and Distance Education Center                    5,368



Seychelles Heritage Foundation                                            3,826

Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation                                  59,136

Air Seychelles Ltd                                                               65,394

Seychelles Public Transport Corporation                             33,000



Benefits and Approved Programs of                                                    442,936

Social Security Fund


Others                                                                                                     27,766

Net Lending                                                                                            96,792

Capital Outlays                                                                                  1,378,892

Contingency                                                                                            50,000

Trade Tax Exemption                                                                               5,000


                                                                   GRAND TOTAL          5,412,155


I certify that this is a correct copy of the Bill which was passed by the National Assembly on 11th December, 2012.


Azarel Ernesta

Clerk to the National Assembl