Seventh-Day Adventist Mission (Incorporation) Act

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Act 13 of 1944

SI. 95 of 1975

SI. 72 of 1976

Act 23 of 1976




[14th October, 1944]



1.      Short title.

2.      Incorporation of the Seventh?Day Adventist Mission.

3.      Management of the corporate body.

4.      Common Seal.

5.      Chairman to sign documents.

6.      Proceedings by or against the corporate body.

7.      Power of management, by whom exercised and vesting of the Seychelles Seventh?Day Adventist Mission's property.

8.      Saving clause.



1.      This Act may be cited as the Seventh?Day Adventist Mission (Incorporation) Act.

2.      (1)     The Seventh?Day Adventist Mission now existing in Seychelles shall be and is hereby constituted into a corporate body to be styled as the "Seychelles Seventh?Day Adventist Mission" with the right as such to purchase, hold and possess in its corporate name such immovable property as it may require for charitable, religious or educational purposes.  It shall have power to sell, mortgage or exchange the same as hereinafter provided.

(2)     The said corporate body may in its corporate name receive and accept donations inter vivos and legacies, provided such donations and legacies be made in conformity with the laws of Seychelles.

3.      (1)     The said corporate body shall be managed by a committee consisting of a Missionary Superintendent as chairman, an Assistant Missionary Superintendent and of at least three other members appointed according to the rites of the Mission.  In case of death, absence, resignation or incapacity to act of the chairman, the Assistant Missionary Superintendent shall act as chairman.

(2)     The composition of the Committee shall every year be notified to the Minister and shall be published in the Gazette.

(3)     Any change in the composition of the Committee or any new appointment on account of death, absence or resignation of any of the members of the Committee shall be notified to the Minister and published in the Gazette.

4.      The said corporate body shall have a common seal.

5.      All deeds, acts and documents concerning the said corporate body shall be signed by the Missionary Superintendent.

6.      The said corporate body shall act, sue and be sued, implead or be impleaded under its corporate name; service of process on the Missionary Superintendent and in case of death, absence or any other incapacity of the Missionary Superintendent, or of vacancy, on the officer fulfilling the function of Assistant Missionary Superintendent of the said corporate body being equivalent to service on the said corporate body.

7.      All the property, real and personal, the said Seychelles Seventh?Day Adventist Mission may now be possessed of or may hereafter acquire in whatever manner shall be vested in the Committee who shall hold the same on behalf of the said Seychelles Seventh?Day Adventist Mission, with full powers of administration and with the power of selling, mortgaging or exchanging the same, of consenting to the erasure or removal of all inscriptions, seizures or attachments and of giving all acquittances.  All deeds and acts of the said corporate body shall be signed by the Missionary Superintendent, and in case of death, absence or any other incapacity of the Missionary Superintendent or of vacancy, by the Assistant Missionary Superintendent.

8.      Nothing in the Act shall prejudice or affect the rights of the Republic or any body politic or corporate, or any other person or persons, except such as are mentioned in this Act and those claiming by, from, through or under them.