Control of Dogs Act

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[29th October, 1982]

Act 18 of 1982




   1.         Short title

   2.         Interpretation

   3.         Control of dogs

   4.         Impounding of stray dogs

   5.         Release of impounded dogs

   6.         Destruction of impounded dogs

   7.         Special control areas

   8.         Poison baits in special control areas

   9.         Regulations

  10.        Indemnity

  11.        Offences and penalties




1.     This Act  may be cited as the Control of Dogs Act.


2.     In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires ?


"dog" includes a bitch;


"dog control officer" means a police officer, a Veterinary Officer, a health inspector in terms of section 2 of the Public Health Act, or an Inspector in terms of section 6 of the Animals (Diseases and Imports) Act;


"Licensing Authority" means the Licensing Authority established in section 3 of the Licences Act;


"special control area" has the meaning given in section 7;


"Veterinary Officer" includes the Chief Veterinary Officer.


3.     Every owner of a dog or person in charge of a dog shall keep the dog under control in such manner as may be prescribed.


4(1)   A dog control officer may, in accordance with regulations, seize a dog found unattended in any street, road, or other public place and impound it at any police station or at another place approved for the purposes of this sub?section by the Minister.


(2)  A dog control officer who, under sub?section (1), seizes a dog wearing a disc or label issued by the Licencing Authority shall, within 24 hours of the seizure, give notice to the owner of the dog that it has been seized and impounded.


(3)  The Chief Veterinary Officer shall cause every dog impounded under sub?section (1) to be taken from the police station or other place where it is first impounded to another place appointed as a stray dog pound by the Minister by order in the Gazette.


5.     If within the period of 4 days commencing on the day the dog  is seized and impounded, its owner demands its release, the person holding the dog under section 4 shall release it to the owner on his paying such charge as may be prescribed for each day or part of a day during which the dog has been impounded.


6.(1) If a dog has not been released to its owner in terms of section 5, a Veterinary Officer may cause it to be destroyed.


(2)  No person shall subject a dog seized or impounded under this Act to vivisection, or dispose of it for vivisection.


7.     The Minister may, by notice in the Gazette, declare any area or island to be a special control area.


8.(1)              In a special control area, the Chief Veterinary Officer or a person authorized in writing by him may lay or expose, on any public place or private land, poisonous bait for the destruction of dogs.


  (2)   For the purposes of this section, the Chief Veterinary Officer or a person authorized in writing by him may enter any land or premises and may take with him such persons and things as he considers necessary for those purposes.


  (3)   The Chief Veterinary Officer shall, by posting notices or by notice in a local newspaper or by broadcasts, or otherwise in such manner as he considers to be most effective for bringing it to the attention of all persons affected, make it known throughout the special control area and elsewhere that poisonous bait is being or will be laid and exposed under this section.


  (4)   Notwithstanding subsection (3), the Chief Veterinary Officer shall, ?


(a)        before and during the laying or exposing of any poisonous bait under sub?section (1); and


(b)        while any such poisonous bait is laid or exposed,


take all reasonable precautions to prevent injury from that bait to persons, dogs which are not stray dogs, and animals other than stray dogs.


9.     The Minister may make regulations for the better carrying out of the objects and purposes of this Act, including ?


(a)        prescribing any matter which is to be or may be prescribed under this Act;


(b)        prescribing the form or content of documents under this Act;


(c)        prescribing fees or charges for keeping dogs impounded under this Act.


10.(1) Subject to sub?section (3), no action shall lie against the Government, any dog control officer, any public officer or any person authorized by the Chief Veterinary Officer for any act done in good faith under this Act.


(2)  Subject to sub?section (3), no compensation shall be payable to any person for any act done in good faith under this Act.


(3)  Nothing in this section exempts the Government, any dog control officer, any public officer or any person authorized by the Chief Veterinary Officer from liability for any act done negligently under section 8


11.(1) No person shall prevent, hinder or obstruct ?


(a)        a dog control officer; or


(b)      the Chief Veterinary Officer or a person authorized in writing by him under section 8(1), in the performance of his functions under this Act.


(2) A person who contravenes sub?section (1) or section 3 or 6(2) is guilty of an offence.


(3) A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable to imprisonment for 1 month and to a fine of R.2,000.












[22nd October, 1990]

S.I 53 of 1990

1.            This Notice may be cited as the Control of Dogs (Special Control Areas), Notice.


2.      The Minister hereby declares each of the islands set out in the Schedule to be a special control area for the purposes of this Act.



                                       SPECIAL CONTROL AREAS


1.         Mahe

2.         St. Anne

3.         Cerf

4.         Moyenne

5.         Anonyme

6.         South East

7.         Therese

8.         Islet

9.         Silhouette

10.       North

11.       Praslin

12.       La Digue

13.       Fregate