French Code of Civil Procedure (Promulgation) Act

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Arrêté 20 July, 1808.

(Decaen No. 177.)

SI. 72 of 1976   

Act 23 of 1976





DECEAN, Captain-General, etc.


On the representation and proposal of the Commissary of Justice.


After having deliberated with the Colonial Prefect and Commissary of Justice, enacts as follows:


Arrêté supplementary to the French Code of Civil Procedure.


1.      The French Code of Civil Procedure is promulgated inthe Islands of France 1 , Bonaparte 2 and their Dependencies 3, under the modifications hereinafter enacted.


(2-6, Justices of the Peace - Rep. Ord. 3411919.)


7.       The formalities prescribed in the title 'of Conciliation" shall no longer be necessary.


(8-33, Service on absent defendants, etc. - Rep. Ord. 3411919.)


34.    The seizure of an annuity in the hands of persons not resid­ing in the Republic shall be notified to the party personally or at his domicile and the periods prescribed by article 10 of the present Arr8t6 shall be observed for the summons.


35.    Article 642, relative to persons domiciled in places beyond the continent of Europe, shall be common to the party on whom seizure is made, in reference to the party liable to pay the annuity which is the subject of the seizure, when he shall reside out of the Republic.


(36-44, Rep. Ord. 3411919.)


45.    The second placard of judgments of separation, which ac­cording to article 872 must, in the absence of the Tribunal of Com­merce, be posted up in the principal room of the public hall (maison commune) of the locality where the husband has his domicile, shall be posted up in the hall in which the civil commissary of the locality where the husband has his domicile holds his sittings.


(46-54, Rep. Ord. 3411919.)


55.    The present Arr8t6 shall be read, etc.



 1 Mauritius; 2 Reunion; 3 among other dependencies of Mauritius, Seychelles.


The articles of the French Code of Civil Procedure specified in column I have also been repealed by the enactments specified in column 2.


COLUMN I                                                COLUMN 2

Articles 1 to 47,


59 to 72, 75 to 123


138 to 172, 188 to 192


295 to 301, 324 to 35 1,


363 to 442, 474 to 625


826, 831, 857 to 864,

1029 to 1042.                                            Seychelles Code of Civil

                                                                  Procedure (Cap. 213)

Articles -673 to 717,


18 to 748, 749 to 779,


832 to 838, 935 to 965,


969 to 975, 987 to 988,

and 997                                                     Immovable Property

                                                                  (Judicial Sales) Act (Cap 94)


Articles 875 to 881                                    Matrimonial Causes Act

                                                                  (Cap 72 1971 Ed)


Articles 1003 to 1028                                Commercial Code Act.

                                                                  (Cap. 38)


Title XV of Book V                                   Imprisonment for Debt Act (Cap 96)