Telecommunications (Ships' Radio) Regulations

Date of promulgation: 
13 September 1973
Date of commencement: 
13 September 1973
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SI. 65 of 1973


[13th September, 1973]



1.      Citation.

2.      Interpretation.

3.      Telecommunication installation on ships in harbour not to be used.

4.      Powers of enforcement.

5.      Offences and penalty.


1.      These regulations may be cited as the Telecommunications (Ships' Radio) Regulations.

2.      In these regulations words and expressions used shall have the same meanings as are assigned to them in the Act.

**3.  Except as may be generally or specially authorized by a licence [granted by the Minister] and in strict compliance therewith, telecommunication installations on board ships shall not be worked whilst such ships are within any harbour or bay of Seychelles, or within the territorial waters thereof.

4.      For the proper enforcement of regulation 3 an officer appointed under the provisions of section 17 of the Act may take or cause to be taken all or any of the following steps -

(a)     disconnect the aerial wires from any telecommunication apparatus in such a manner as to show they are properly disconnected;

(b)     take down the aerial wires and disconnect the same from the telecommunication apparatus in the manner stated in paragraph (a);

(c)     seal off the telecommunication cabin on board the ship.

5.      (1)     No person shall contravene or fail to comply with the conditions of a licence granted under regulation 3 or contravene the pro- visions of such regulation, and no person shall, without the authority of an officer appointed under **section 17 of the Act, connect or put up aerial wires which have been disconnected or taken down under regulation 4(a) or 4(b) or break the seal on or open a cabin which has been sealed off under regulation 4(c).

(2)     Any person who contravenes the provisions of subregulation (1) of this regulation shall be guilty of an offence and liable to imprisonment for one year or to a fine of Rs. 1,000 or to both such imprisonment and fine.



*These Regulations made under the Telecommunication Act, 1973 are continued in force under the Broadcasting and Telecommunication Act (Cap 19)