Seychelles International Airport Notification

Date of promulgation: 
01 January 1976
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This SI has been preserved in force by s 24 of the Civil Aviation Act (Act 4 of 2005).







Note:  *This notification made under Article 60 of the Colonial Air Navigation Orders 1961 to 1972 were kept in force under the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order, 1976 notwithstanding the repeal by it of the Colonial Air Navigation Orders, 1961 ‑ 1972.







S.I. 4/1981.

S.I. 3/1986.


S.I. 3/1991.




Citation.           1.            This Notification may be cited as the Seychelles International Airport Notification.


Interpretation.  2.            In this Notification ‑


"Director" means the Director of Civil Aviation;


"flying club" means a flying club recognised as such by the Director;


"the aerodrome" means the Seychelles International Airport.


Notification     3.            The aerodrome is hereby notified as an aerodrome

of Seychelles   available for take‑off and landing by aircraft engaged on

International    flights for the purpose of the public transport of passengers

Airport.            or for instruction in flying.


Landing           4.            The charges and fees for the use of the aerodrome shall

charges and      be as set out in the Schedule hereto.

parking fees.


Payment of      5.            Unless some alternative arrangement has been made with

charges and      the Director, all single landing charges and all parking fees

fees.  due and payable in respect of an aircraft shall be paid by or

on behalf of the operator of the aircraft before the aircraft leaves the aerodrome, and all annual monthly landing charges shall be paid in advance, and the Director may refuse clearance to the aircraft until such charges and fees have been paid.






                                                LANDING CHARGES


1.            Subject to paragraphs 2 to 7 the charge for the landing of an aircraft at the aerodrome shall be ‑


Maximum ramp weight of aircraft Exceeding kg

Maximum ramp weight of aircraft Not exceeding kg

Charge per 1000 kg or part of 1000kg (R)



















2(1)        Subject to sub‑paragraph (2) where the landing or take‑off of the aircraft occurs between 19.00 and 05.30 hours there shall be added to the charge payable under paragraph 1 a surcharge of 40% of that charge.


 (2)         An aircraft arriving from, or leaving for, any place outside Seychelles shall be subject to a minimum charge of R.550, in the case where the charge calculated in accordance with paragraph 1 is less than R550, or R.770, in the case where the charge calculated in accordance with paragraph 1A(1) is less than R770.


3. Where an aircraft is landed for the sole purpose of training or checking flying personnel by prior arrangement with the Director, the charge for such landing is one‑third of the appropriate charge specified in paragraph 1 above;


4.            Landing charges for aircraft not exceeding a weight of 2000 kg operated by flying clubs or privately owned and used solely for private or private business purposes or for instructional or practice flying, and not being used for hire or reward, shall be one‑half of the appropriate charge specified in paragraphs 1 and 3 above:


Provided that the Director may, at his discretion, approve an annual or monthly landing charge for landings by such aircraft and such annual or monthly landing charge shall be in lieu of single charges and shall cover all landings by such aircraft within the period for which the annual or monthly charge is paid, and shall be calculated, in the case of an annual charge at R.1000.000.


5.            Landing charges for helicopters shall be at one‑half of the rate applicable to fixed‑wing aircraft.


6.            No charge is payable in respect of a landing at the aerodrome ‑


(a)          of an aircraft in respect of which the Director has given special landing permission, provided the aircraft is being used for the purpose specified on the giving of the permission, and is landed in accordance with any directions given by the Director;


(b)          of an aircraft that is carrying out a test flight with the prior approval of the Director;


(c)          of aircraft engaged in search and rescue operations;


7.            For the purposes of calculating the charge for the landing of an aircraft, the maximum ramp weight of the aircraft is that specified in its Certificate of Airworthiness




or the associated Flight Manual, taking no account of any restriction or limiting factor that may be applicable in particular circumstances.


                                                     PARKING FEES


8(1)        Subject to sub‑paragraph 92), the charge for parking an aircraft in the open on a parking area provided for that purpose shall be R.7.50 per 45m or part of 45m of parking area occupied by the aircraft for each 24 hours or part of 24 hours during which the aircraft is parked (the period being calculated from the start of parking regardless of sub‑paragraph 2(2)(b))


 (2)         No parking charge shall be payable in respect of an aircraft ‑


(a)          for which in terms of paragraph 6 no landing charge is payable of;


(b)          which is parked for a continuous period of less than 6 hours.