Animals (Diseases and Imports) (Places for Import or Export) Regulations

Date of promulgation: 
22 March 1982
Date of commencement: 
22 March 1982
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The Cap under which this SI was made was repealed by the Animal Plant and Biosecurity Act, 2014 with effect from 1 July 2014.  Refer to section 138 of that Act for the conditions under which this SI has been preserved in force.



S.I 16 of 1982

Animals (Disease and Imports) (Places for Import or Export) Regulations

[22nd March 1982]

1.                  These Regulations may be cited as the Animals (Diseases and Imports) (Places for Import or Export) Regulations.

2.          The following port and place are prescribed for the import or export of animals, carcass, animal products, fodder or litter –

(a)       New Port, Victoria, Mahe; and

(b)        Seychelles International Airport, Pointe Larue, Mahe.