Broadcasting and Telecommunication (Control and Regulation of Facsimile Machines) Regulations

Date of promulgation: 
01 October 1990
Date of commencement: 
01 October 1990
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[1st October, 1990]

SI. 49 of 1990



1.      Citation

2.      Disconnection of facsimile machines in certain circumstances

3.      Review of direction

4.      Refund of rental

5.      Offence


1.      These Regulations may be cited as the Broadcasting and Telecommunication (Control and Regulation of Facsimile Machines) Regulations.

2.      (1)     Where the Minister is satisfied that a facsimile machine installed in a premises by a licensee under the Act is used for the reception or transmission of messages prejudicial to the preservation of public security or to undermine the authority of, or public confidence in, the Government of Seychelles, the Minister may, for the preservation of public security, direct in writing the licensee to disconnect such machine, after giving the subscriber of such machine not less than 24 hours notice of such direction, on a date specified in the direction.

(2)     Where a facsimile machine in a premises is disconnected by a licensee pursuant to a direction under subregulation (1), the licensee shall not instal or reconnect a facsimile machine in such premises or, in the name of the subscriber of the machine, in any other premises without the written permission of the Minister.

3.      (1)     A person aggrieved by a direction of the Minister under regulation 2 may apply to the Minister within 5 days of the disconnection of the facsimile machine referred to in that direction for a review of his direction.

(2)     The Minister may, after considering any representation made by the applicant under subregulation (1), confirm or revoke his direction.

(3)     Where the Minister revokes his direction under subregulation (2), he shall forthwith inform the licensee and the licensee shall reconnect the facsimile machine if the subscriber of the machine so desires.

4.      Where a facsimile machine is disconnected pursuant to regulation 2, the subscriber of that machine shall be entitled to a refund of the rental, if any, after deducting the rental for the period in which the machine was in use.

5.      A licensee who fails to comply with a direction given under regulation 2(1) or contravenes regulation 2(2) is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine of R.2000 and to imprisonment for one year.