Coco de Mer Regulations

Date of promulgation: 
05 December 1994
Date of commencement: 
05 December 1994
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                                                              Section 48

S.I.72 of 1994

S.I 58 of 1996



The Coco‑de‑Mer Regulations


[5th December, 1994] 



1.            These Regulations may be cited as the Coco‑de‑Mer Regulations.


 2.(1) The price at which Government shall purchase mature coco‑de‑mer nuts from producers shall be ‑

(a)                      in case of shaped nuts, R150 each; and


(b)                     in case of misshaped nuts, R30 each.


(2) Subject to subregulation (3), the prices at which Government shall sell mature coco‑de‑mer nuts shall be ‑


(a)          in the case of superior grade nuts, R400;


(b)         in the case of inferior grade nuts, R180;


(c)         in the case of misshaped nuts, R80.


(3) Subregulation (2) shall not apply to a sale by the Government of mature coco‑de‑mer nuts by public auction.