Co-operatives (Cleaners' Co-operative) (Establishment) Order

Date of promulgation: 
09 November 2009
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[9th November, 2009]

SI. 89 of 2009

SI. 76 of 2010



1.      This Order may be cited as the Co‑operatives (Cleaners’ Co‑operative) (Establishment) Order.

2.      (1)        There is hereby established a co-operative by the name of the Cleaners’ Co-operative.

         (2)        The registered address of the co-operative shall be Victoria, Mahe.

3.      The objects of the co-operative shall be-

(a)     to undertake cleaning duties in offices, buildings and other premises; and other premises; and

(b)     to engage in other work related to cleaning of offices, buildings and other premises.

4.      (1)        The members of the first management committee of the co-operative shall be-

Marie Ange Denis

Helene Jeanine Nicette

Marie Nella Azemia

Lina Hoareau

Rose Mary Lagrenade

who shall hold office for a period of one year from the date of coming into force of this Order.

(2)               The chairperson of the first management committee shall be-

Marie Ange Denis.

5.      The co-operative shall have at any one time maximum of 500 members.