Co-operative (Seychelles Textile and Tailoring Co-operative) (Establishment) Order, 2011

Date of assent: 
24 May 2011
Date of promulgation: 
09 January 2012
Date of commencement: 
09 January 2012
Issuing Authority: 
Vice-President and Minister of Finance and Trade
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Section 2

Co-operative (Seychelles Textile and Tailoring Co-operative) (Establishment) Order, 2011

[9th January 2012]

SI. 1 of 2012

1.      These Regulations may be cited as the Co-operative (Seychelles Textile and Tailoring Co-operative) (Establishment) Order, 2011.

2.      (1)     There is hereby established a co-operative to be known as Seychelles Textile and Tailoring Co-operative.

(2)     The registered address of the co-operative shall be Camion Hall, Victoria, Seychelles.

3.      The objects of the Co-operative shall be to —

(a)     promote and develop the business ideals of its member;

(b)     represent, defend the interest and welfare of the members of the Co-operative;

(c)     foster and provide opportunities for improvement in techniques, creativity, innovation, organisational and management skills;

(d)     promote technical and mentoring training programme to young and established seamstress and exchange of ideas and information in the field of tailoring, designing and marketing;

(e)     promote high standard in quality sewing with the aim of marketing products locally and abroad the brand “Made in Seychelles”;

(f)     establish retail outlets, holding exhibitions and also conducting market surveys and analysis;

(g)     carry on any business that is conductive and convenient in the interest of its members and the Co-operative;

(h)     become a member of or to enter into association, arrangement or agreement with other bodies for the purpose of furthering the objectives or the Co-operative and its members;

(i)      raise funds with the approval of the Minister for the purpose of carrying out the objectives of the Co-operative;

(j)      manage and invest the funds of the Cooperative;

(k)     do such other things that may be necessary or convenient to be done in carrying out its objects based on its missions and vision including rules and regulations.

4.      The members of the first Management Committee of the Co-operative shall be —

(a)     Mrs. Daniella Adeline           –          Chairperson

(b)     Micheline Quatre                  -           Vice-Chairperson

(c)     Mrs. Nadege Gertrude           –          Secretary

(d)     Ms. Jane Richard                  -           Member

(e)     Ms. June Barbe                     -           Member

(f)     Mrs. Shantasha Hoareau       -           Member

(g)     Mrs. Sheila Lavigilante         -           Member

(h)     Mrs. Marie May Souris         -           Member

who shall hold office for a period of one years from the date of coming into force of this Order.

5.      The Co-operative shall be constituted by a maximum of one thousand members.