Airport (Aviation Security Service) Regulations

Date of promulgation: 
03 July 1995
Date of commencement: 
03 July 1995
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S.I.72 of 1995


Airport (Aviation Security Service) Regulations

(3rd July, 1995)

1.      These Regulations may be cited as the Airport (Aviation Security Service) Regulations.

2.      In these Regulations -

"airport" means the Seychelles International Airport and includes any other airport under the control of the Government;

"Principal Secretary" means the Principal Secretary of the Ministry responsible for transport;

"restricted area" means an area specified in regulation 5(7) of the Airport (Government) Regulations.

3.      (1)        The Principal Secretary shall constitute the Aviation Security Service for the purpose of enhancing the safety, Service regularity and efficiency of civil aviation at the airport.

(2)  The Aviation Security Service shall consist of such officers as the Principal Secretary may appoint and each such officer may hold such rank as the Principal Secretary may designate.

(3)  Officers of the Aviation Security Service shall be holders of public office.

(4)  The Principal Secretary shall issue to each officer of the Aviation Security Service a certificate of authority so to act and an officer, shall, if so required by any person affected, produce such certificate of authority.

4.      (1)        The functions of the Aviation Security Service shall be-

(a)        to carry out, where necessary, passenger and baggage screening, search of passengers, baggage, cargo, aircraft and any building or area within the airport;

(b)        to carry out airport security patrols and patrols of the surrounding areas;

(c)        to control access to and around the immediate proximity of aircraft handled or serviced at the airport;

(d)        to provide appropriate security measures against theft of or damage to the property of Air Seychelles Limited entrusted to its care;

(e)        to provide escort services to baggage checked in at locations outside the airport and transported to the airport;

(f)        to provide escort services for food transported by caterers to aircraft at the airport;

(g)        to review, inquire into and keep itself informed on security techniques, systems, devices, practices and procedures related to the protection of civil aviation and persons employed in or using it;

(h)        to undertake or encourage or supervise such experimental or research work as the Principal Secretary may think fit;

(i)         for the purpose of better carrying out its functions, to cooperate with the Police Force, the Comptroller of Trades Tax Imports and the officers authorised by the Comptroller, other Government Departments, airlines and other officers and authorities administering the airport security services of other countries and with any appropriate international organisation;

(j)         to control, pedestrian and vehicular traffic at the airport;

(k)        to exercise and perform such functions and duties as may be conferred on it by the Principal Secretary.

(2)  The functions conferred on the Aviation Security Service shall be without prejudice to the functions conferred by or under any other written law on the Police Force or the Comptroller of Trades Tax Imports or officers authorised by the Comptroller.

5.(1)  For the exercise of the functions conferred on the Aviation Security Service by regulation 4, an officer of that the Aviation service -

(a)        may enter the airport or any aircraft, building, vehicle or place in any part of the airport;

(b)        may detain any person in or in the vicinity of the airport where the officer has reasonable grounds to believe that the person has acted or is acting or is about to act contrary to the Airport (Government) Regulations or these Regulations or that an offence has been or is being or is about to be committed against any law dealing with offences against aviation or the unlawful carriage of firearms, ammunition or explosives;

(c)        may stop any person inside a restricted area for the purpose of inspecting the pass issued to that person under regulation 5 of the Airport (Government) Regulations;

(d)        may stop and detain any vehicle which is being operated in such manner as to cause a restriction, hazard or interference to aircraft or any ground installation providing navigational or any other assistance to aircraft and may move or order to be moved such vehicle to an area where it will no longer cause such restriction, hazard or interference.

(2)  Where an officer of the aviation security service detains any person under subregulation (1)(b) the officer shall as soon as practicable deliver the person to a police officer on duty at the airport.

6.      Any person, who wilfully obstructs an officer of the aviation security service in the exercise of that officer's functions under these Regulations is guilty of an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine of R2000 and to imprisonment for 3 months.

7.(1) For the purpose of these Regulations there is hereby established an Aviation Security Committee consisting of -

(a)        Principal Secretary, who shall be the chairman of the Committee;

(b)        the Director General of Civil Aviation;;

(c)        the Commissioner of Police;

(d)        Director of Immigration;

(e)        Comptroller of Trades Tax Imports;

(f)        Chief Executive Officer of Air Seychelles Limited;

(g)        Director of the Transport Security Division of the Ministry responsible for transport; and

(h)        such other members appointed by the Minister.

(2)  A member specified under subregulation (1)(a), (b), (c), (d), (e), (f) and (g) may delegate in writing a person to represent the member on the Aviation Security Committee and the person so delegated shall have the powers of the member who made the delegation.

(3)  The members appointed under subregulation (1)(h) shall hold office for such period as the Minister may determine at the time of appointment.

(4)  One half of the number of members of the Aviation Security Committee shall constitute a quorum for a meeting of the Committee.

(5)  The Aviation Security Committee shall meet at least twice a year and at such other times as the Chairman may determine.

(6)  Subject to this regulation, the Aviation Security Committee shall regulate its own proceedings.

8.      The Aviation Security Committee shall -

(a)        advise the Minister on measures relating to the safety, regularity and efficiency of civil aviation and keep under review such measures; and

(b)        coordinate the activities of and ensure cooperation among members of the Aviation Security Service, Police Force, the Comptroller of Trades Tax Imports and the officers of the Comptroller in the exercise of their functions at the airport.