Civil Procedure

Ah-Kong v Sangalia Pty Ltd & Ors (CS 36/19) [2020] SCSC 289 (22 May 2020);


[1]       This ruling arises from a verbal motion by counsel for the first, second and third Defendants for the plea in limine to be heard before the trial since it would substantially dispose of the matter.

[2]       Counsel for the Plaintiff opposed the motion and both sides filed submissions in support of their respective positions.

[3]       The pleas in limine raised by the first, second and third Defendants are as follows:

Parcou v Laporte (MC 109/2019) [2020] SCSC 287 (22 May 2020);


[1]       The petitioner and respondent were defendant and plaintiff respectively in CS 128/2018, an action for simultaneous declaration of recherche de paternité and desaveu de paternité in which the Learned Chief Justice gave judgment for the plaintiff/respondent on 11th November 2019 and declared her to be the child of Julien Kaven Parcou, the husband  of the defendant/ petitioner.

Vijay Construction (Pty) Ltd v Seychelles Land Transport Agency (CC 39/2014) [2020] SCSC 270 (08 May 2020);


The brief facts of the Case

[1]       The Plaintiff, a civil and building contractor, entered into an agreement with the Defendant, the land transport authority, in 2009 to provide materials and equipment for road resurfacing works at Praslin, Seychelles with the labour for the works to be provided by the Defendant.

Lau-Tee v Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (MA 274/2018 (Arising in CS 71/2018)) [2020] SCSC 269 (08 May 2020);



[1]       Virginia Lau-tee is the Defendant in CS71/2018 (the “Principal Suit”) which has been brought against her by the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority as Plaintiff. She has filed this application (MA274/2018) for an Order joining her husband Samuel Lau Tee as 2nd defendant in the Principal Suit.

Chetty v The Estate of Regis Albert & Ors (CS 131/2018) [2020] SCSC 268 (08 May 2020);


The Pleadings

[1]       The Plaintiff, by amended Plaint dated 3 May 2018, states that she is the registered owner of Parcels C5773 and C5769 (hereinafter the Property) situated at Anse Royale, Mahé and that the Property were subdivisions of Parcel C5767, the latter being a subdivision of Parcel C1546.