Civil Remedies

Chang Tave & Ors v Government of Seychelles (MC 370/2019) [2019] SCSC 111 (12 February 2020);


1.     This is an application for the stay of execution of this Court’s order made pursuant to section 4 of the Proceeds of Crime (Civil Confiscation) Act (hereinafter POCA) on 18 November 2019 in which, inter alia, the Applicants and any other person were prohibited from disposing or otherwise dealing with properties listed by the Court and Superintendent Hein Prinsloo was appointed as Receiver of the properties. 

Ex Parte John Milsom and David Standish (as joint receivers of assets of Mukhtar Ablyazov) (MA 240/2019 (Arising in XP 165/2011)) [2019] SCSC 792 (18 September 2019);


UPON THE APPLICATION of Messrs John Milsom and David Standish (the Applicants), as joint Receivers of assets of the Respondent, Mr Mukhtar Ablyazov (the Application)


AND UPON HEARING Counsel for the Applicants