Contract Law

Labiche v FS Management Trading (CS 109/2018) [2019] SCSC 529 (24 June 2019);


The Facts

[1]        The Plaintiff, a Pool Attendant and employee by a hotel resort controlled and managed by the Defendant suffered a fall and sustained injures to her ankle, legs and body. She claimed damages from the Defendant for its vicarious negligence in its performance, responsibilities and duties in respect of ensuring a safe place of work for her.

[2]        The Defendant denied liability for the accident or that it had ever been the Employer of the Plaintiff.

The Evidence

The Plaintiff’s evidence

Du Toit v European Hotels Resort Ltd (CS 97/2012) [2019] SCSC 379 (17 May 2019);



[1]        This Ruling arises out of a Plaint of the 20th June 2012 as filed on the 5th July 2012, wherein Timothy Du Toit (“Plaintiff”), prays for damages in the sum of Seychelles Rupees Five Hundred and Fifty Thousand (S.R. 550,000/-), with costs and interests, as against the European Hotels & Resorts Ltd (“Defendant”).

Bajrang Builders (Pty) Ltd v Marengo & Anor (CC 55/2015) [2019] SCSC 174 (06 February 2019);


[1]        The plaintiff entered into a building contract with the Defendants, both husband and wife residing at Au Cap, Mahe. The contract provided for the construction of a two bedroom house with gazebo, a carport and swimming pool at Au Cap, Mahe.

[2]        The agreed price was SCR 2,900,000.00.

[3]        Later additional works for an agreed price of SCR 10,619.00 were also included in the contract.